2012 New Year’s Trevi

Are you still undecided and do not know what to do this New Year’s Eve 2012?? I will try to advise leaving proposals to be classics such as dinners with friends or relatives, cinema and bingo, things that have already ruled out definitely … So I try to give you five ideas on what to [...]

  Here is some news that will surely bring a good mood! Umbria for four weeks from 29 October to 11 December, you will have the opportunity to taste oil, listen to music and watch theatrical performances, thanks to CRUSHERS OPEN event, where the big eat and sleep await. The program of this event is [...]

Choco sleep Trevi

For the demonstration of Eurochocolate Agriturismo Trevi Spa offers a holiday chocolate. It offers you the restaurant as well as the wellness center exclusively. A night with half board (drinks not included), is only Euro 75.00 per person and if you decide to stop the price drops even more nights! example, two or three nights [...]

Romantic getaway Him and Her

Agriturismo Trevi Spa offers a package unique to your state …. Want Your HE or SHE for a romantic getaway? Then fled here in Umbria and you ….. A week and really only with the thought of living the emotion of a romantic getaway. Here you can have the Agriturismo Trevi Spa, a massage Hot [...]